I've always wanted to live on a farm. That and showing dogs were my lifelong dreams. Now I'm finally
getting to do both.
It started out with getting JJ. Our first show dog, but not my first Aussie. I got my first Australian Shepherd
30 years ago, before they got popular. I got bit by the dog show bug, and couldn't stop. Then we got
Belle, soon to be followed by Dover, (Australian Cattle Dog). Then we decided 1/2 acre wasn't enough
room for 3 herding dogs, so we bought them a farm. That put an end to my construction career. You can
only fit so many animals in a travel trailer.
I sometimes think we have a petting zoo instead.

photos are clickable
All kids should live like this
One of our many children. Mikey, or SGT  McNair is serving our country in  Okinawa
More of our kids, Brody, nephew Brandon, and Chris at
Talladega Super Speedway, one of our other passions.
How do you think we got the name Ironhead, Dale
Earnhardt of course.
Nephew, Tony, with our Grandchildren, Olivia and Logan,
riding neighbor's pony
Our Grandchildren love visiting the farm. So does our son, Richard, and Daughter in law, Brandy
Camping in the mud at Texas Motor Speedway. Were we desperate to see a race or what? As soon as we
got pulled out, we went home, got cleaned up, and headed back to see the postponed race the next day.
Danny always wanted to race. Well at least he got to drive a few laps. I on the other hand do no like to go fast, and
was terrified. I'll ride again any day.
Another one of our children, Chris, or
SPC Carpenter is home from Iraq
Spring 2007, lots of babies. This pic
makes me anxious for Spring 2008 to
get here.