Ironhead Farm and

We are a small farm in Cove, Arkansas.
We have Australian Shepherds,
Australian Cattle Dogs, cattle and
numerous poultry, all pasture raised,
except the dogs, they're house raised.
On our farm, all the dogs are allowed to
be dogs. They have 15 fenced acres, so
they get plenty of exercise. When a new
animal comes here, the first things they
are taught is how to get along with
different species. If there is a
trespasser, the animals band together.
We breed on occasion, but showing
dogs is my passion. I started a mobile
embroidery business to help support the
showing of our dogs. Watch for Ironhead
Farm Embroidery and for our dogs at a
show in the midsouth.
Dover finished with 4 majors

BOY finished with
4 majors.
Brody showing Goldie
photo by Sonja Hahn
Lori  Farrar
Cove, Arkansas
coming soon
Paradiddles Ironhead Intimidator, aka Earnhardt,
finishedwith 3 majors by David Williams
New Champion
Ch. Ironheads
Scout Tactical
finished in Dallas Dec 2012.
She was beautifully presented
by Jay, (Clarence) Lee, getting
her 3rd major, 5 points.
Ch. Paradiddles
Intimidator, aka
Earnhardt finished with 3 majors
Upcoming litters

We have some exciting litters due
in late Jan, early Feb 2013, see our
puppy's page for more info

Earnhardt x Mirah

Baron x Widget

Ranger x Goldie
Scout being shown by Jay, Clarence Lee